Lounge Suites

At Bed and Lounge, we offer our clients the best lounge suite and bed services in the Gauteng area.
Our storerooms are packed to the rafters with lounge suits, beds and couches.

The lounge suites that we stock are all available in a range of different materials and fabrics.
All the leather lounge suites that we sell are all fully upholstered, and come in a range of different leather colours and designs. Our leather lounge suites are all modern designs based on classic styles that will ensure your new lounge suites will age with grace.
The three-piece lounge suits that we stock offer our clients versatile and comfortable features.

The suede lounge suites are made of top quality suede that offers our clients not just a comfortable fabric, but also easy cleaning and low maintenance. Most modern suede’s are highly stain resistant, and offers easy cleaning with a damp cloth. No chemicals are required when cleaning these lounge suits.
The most cost effective lounge suites that we stock are the fabric suites. With attractive and modern fabric patterns, these lounge suites are fantastic for a wide selection of clients.

Our corner lounge units are very popular for their modern looks and great particle fitting in confined corners. These lounge suites are also available in suede and fabrics of different colours.
No matter what your lounge suite needs might be, come and sit on one of our fantastic units in a show room near you. We will even give you free delivery of your lounge suite if you live close to the store.